This is an archive of the band profile for Alt Track.

Since their inception in 2007, Alt Track have cultivated a sound as unique as it is eclectic, mixing the rhythms of contemporary dance music with the energy and conscience of punk rock. From explosive but poetic bursts of politically charged electronica, to ambient IDM-laden soundscapes, Alt Track constantly seek to fuse their influences and cover a previously unexplored musical direction.

Informed equally by records such as Refused's 'The Shape Of Punk To Come', Bob Marley's 'Exodus', Radiohead's 'Kid A' and Massive Attack's 'Mezzanine', Alt Track use dance beats as the canvas for their musical landscapes, building a multitude of different textures and ideas within a track. Truly a band best appreciated live, rather than opting to hide behind laptops, you'll find them on the gig floor, with an energy more closely associated with a punk band. Their performances have been called 'A furious splurge of flailing energy', and they are said to '...seep confidence and have obviously honed their live craft on a level above most other unsigned acts.'

The band keep a seemingly busy live schedule, regularly playing all over the UK and Europe to rave reviews from the likes of NME and The Fly Magazine, equally at home in a rock club or a squat party, electronic or as their acoustic alter-ego in a cafe, or on the street busking for some extra petrol money. 2009 saw the release of their self produced, self funded debut album 'Silence is Approval' which has recieved numerous glowing reviews. Radio One's Steve Lamacq called the opening track '...a very forceful, polemical piece of pop music', and The Fly described the record as ' intricate D'N'B, trip-rock album with a conscience. If Bob Dylan and Slash went raving together, this is how the night would unfold'. Alt Track allow fans to pay whatever they can afford for the record, in order to reach as wide an audience as possible uninhibited by economics.

In 2010, the band have self-boooked and toured the UK fully numerous times, taking in alot of new cities and winning people over all across the country. They ended up in the final 20 in the Glastonbury Emerging Talent Competition, out of 1600 entrants. Among the judges were Radio One's Huw Stephens, Q Editor Paul Rees and Michael and Emily Eavis. They also independently toured Europe in the summer, and had the best experience of gigs and touring they had yet encountered, and found the new territory to be exciting and filled with new potential.

As of summer 2010 Alt Track signed to Bomber Music Publishing, joining the ranks of friends and excellent UK punk bands such as Random Hand, Crazy Arm, The Skints and Mouthwash.

In 2011, Alt Track have relocated to the depths of South East London, where they aim to keep up their busy touring schedule, with a second European Tour booked for April, the follow up record in the works, and other plans that best be kept secret really.