This is an archive of the band profile for Bedroom Gymnastics.

Katie Cleworth - Vocals/Keyboard
Jack Chambers - Lead Guitar/Backing Vocals
Johnny Delaney - Bass
Ethan Wilkinson - Drums

After recruiting Johnny on bass and Katie on vocals Bedroom Gymnastics finally settled on a line-up in March 2008. Completed by Ethan on drums and Jack on guitar/keyboard their style is often said to be "hard to describe", but the band like to say its alternative pop with an indie feel and some keyboards thrown in. Their sound is quite distinguishable when compared to other bands their age, sounding like they've been working on songs and their own style for years. With an average age of only 15 they can often be seen and heard playing around West Yorkshire, being watched by a mad crowd who'll dance along to anything and everything the band throw at them. They have risen surprisingly quickly, making themselves rather well known on the local scene in just a few months and achieving more than most local bands do in years. Recently selling out the 1in12 club and getting through to the Musicians Centre BOTB semi finals things are going rather well for Bedroom Gymnastics..