This is an archive of the band profile for ChasinJade.

ChasinJade is a hard rock band from West Yorkshire, who have been together for just over a year after being formed in 2003 by Lead Vocalist, 'Charlie Robinson'. Our style has changed somewhat due to the arrival of Lead Guitarist, 'Rabea Massaad' (AKA Bea), who in turn introduced Bassist, 'Dave Hollingworth' and Drummer, 'Ben Minal' to the band, completing the current line-up.

We wrote and recorded some demos in early 2007 and since then have dropped everthing to move into a house together to play music full-time. At the moment we are gigging consistantly all across the country, often at high profile venues, and at the expsense of our own comfort - like sleeping in our Jagervan (Vauxhall Astra estate). Nevertheless, we are dedicated to our music, writing, our gigging and our fans.

Check out our homepage below to listen to our music.