This is a review of "The Gist" recorded by Chris Patrick. The review was written by James Titterton in 2008.

Starting off like something from Morrissey's Vauxhall and I, The Gist develops into a carousel of a song, underpinned by swirling keyboards, a sprightly bass sitting at the forefront of the mix, and lyrics that go round in circles. As a taster from his forthcoming album, The Gist bodes well, firmly rooted in the territory of I Am Kloot (particularly the vocal style). Sitting on the quieter side of electric guitar pop music, the jangly lead and crunchy chorus playing help, rather than hinder, the slightly whispy vocal, letting it float to the top without detracting from its northern charm. Chris Patrick's song is both immediate and a grower, a rare combination of qualities and well worth checking out.