This article was published in 2008.

Tickets for the Leeds Festival 2008 will go on sale on Monday, 31st March at 6.45pm. Festival organisers Festival Republic have also revealed the ticket prices for the 2008 event.

Weekend tickets (including camping) will be £10 higher than last year, priced at £155 per ticket.

Day tickets (excluding camping) are to be priced at £65 - an increase of £2.50 on 2007 prices.

With rumours aplenty, the official announcement for the line up of the dual-site event will also take place on Monday.

Expect all-American headliners after Melvin Benn announced earlier this year, “Interesting this year is that - probably for the first time, in my memory - we’re actually going with three American headliners.”

From Monday evening, you can buy tickets through See Tickets and Ticketmaster.