This is a review of "I Suppose" recorded by Jonjo Feather. The review was written by Ben Partridge in 2008.

It’s hard to put a finger on it, but whatever it is, Jonjo Feather has it, and he’s got it in spades. Whether it’s because he looks and sounds like he could be the test-tube baby offspring of a great orgiastic love-in involving David Bowie and Lou Reed is mere conjecture, but in this quick and to the point debut single of scuzzbucket, sensuous fuzz-rock, he bristles with the salacious bravado only a true performer can pull off.

‘I Suppose’ has a Queens of the Stone Age-esque sultry swagger, with as much grit as there is glam. It’s a laconic, lascivious drawl of a song, undulating along atop the tub-thump of minimal, yet purposive drums. The half-whispered, hot-as-buffed-leather vocals perfectly capture the voluptuous feline prowl, the salacious onstage stalk that Jonjo possesses. The part-pouting, part-phone breathing chorus is so dangerously attractive, so darkly predatory and seductively rapine, it could be classed as criminal.

The wavering, wily riff, slides supine and drowsy up and down the fret board, with such effortless, languid cool, the guitar becomes almost soporifically soothing; Jonjo the somnolent snake charmer. This is especially the case in B-side ‘Face By Your Window’, which is a much more expansive, delicate affair, more a speculative saunter than a prancing strut. Fragile guitars and tactful swells of cymbal create a deeply expressive, placid reverie. The characteristically sibilant vocal murmur features here too, but as a soft and mournful half-sigh, which suits the reflective atmosphere of the track exceptionally well.

This release showcases two contrasting aspects of an utterly distinctive new talent, offering two complementary sides of a rare and unique coin, the value of which may be too premature to estimate. But the immeasurable excitement of such a sensational prospect as Jonjo Feather is all the more thrilling for it. Fantastic stuff.