This is a review of "This City Draws Maps" recorded by The Rosie Taylor Project. The review was written by Colin Burrill in 2008.

It’s that time of year when some of us hope to stumble across a blissful soundtrack to accompany the impending summer days. Fortunately enough (at least for the starry-eyed types among us), the Leeds-based The Rosie Taylor Project’s dreamy, pop-laden folk album might just fill the void.

Released on local label Bad Sneakers Records, This City Draws Maps calls upon busy and intricately picked guitar, sparingly placed trumpet/horn and delicate vocals tinged with a real sense of aching melancholy to bring eight melodically pleasing songs.

Though mightily enjoyable from beginning to end, highlights arrive with the heart-felt opener 'The Sun On My Right', the majestic guitar tones and pop harmonies from the impending single 'A Good Café On George Street' and the band’s infectious first single 'Black And White Films'.

A strong, yet undeniably short debut album, This City Draws Maps proves that The Rosie Taylor Project are more than just another fine addition to Leeds’ growing list of bright acts.