This article was published in 2008.

Huddersfield-based band Instant Species have been busy putting the finishing touches to their new album, which has the title ‘Instant Species Miraculous Curative Compound’. With mixing scheduled for May, the 14 songs that will be featuring on the band’s seventh album are: 'Set your sights a little higher', 'Small town beauty queen', 'A manager, a lawyer and label', 'Step into the mantrap', 'Beware of Sarah', 'Two faced', 'This is where the trouble begins', 'You should know what to do', 'You might like to reconsider it', 'Exception to the rule', 'An apology for Joanne', 'Into the wild', 'Call of the wild' and 'Surfin' Dave'.

And if that sounds a lot, the band are already writing for album number eight!

In other news, the band have the opportunity to play at the Isle of Wight Festival on 13th-15th June 2008 but need help from their fans to do so. Follow this link to vote for the band to appear at the festival.

You can catch Instant Species live in Leeds at the Cardigan Arms on 2nd May.