This is a review of "Masquerade EP" recorded by Blue Sky Project. The review was written by Tony Pasquariello in 2008.

I have awaited more tracks from Blue Sky Project since listening to their last EP on MySpace (oh the beauty of the Web!) and thought they had potential, so naturally the next offering from them needed to exceed all expectations.

This is definitely a progression from their last offering and you can certainly tell right from the beginning of the opening riff of the first track just how hard they have worked on their production and songwriting over the last year.

The guitar work on their title track Masquerade is superb, riffs used sparingly but to killer effect, the trademark thundering bassline throughout just captures the whole feel of the track. But what really catches the ear, is Lewis Denby’s vocals. I don’t know, there is something about his vocal style that really makes you want to sit up and listen. He certainly has improved a lot, a vocal sung and not shouted against a hard rock background is so rare to find these days and is a pleasure to listen to.

The B-side to the single, Snailshell, puts the band in a completely different light completely. This time, a mixture of heavy and clean guitars in the verses, and some of the best guitar phrasing I have heard ever towards the end of the track, but again it is Denby’s vocals that have catapulted this track into something else, using an almost falsetto tone in his voice in parts of the verse. And some of the lyrics he writes stand out – “What you haven’t spent on life support, you can save up for yourself to buy your home” There is a clear indication with this single that Blue Sky Project have built on the momentum that they had with their last EP, Fenestrae, and have continued to get better and better.

The future looks extremely promising for Blue Sky Project who are going to be a force to be reckoned with.