This is an archive of the band profile for Captain Backfire.

Captain Backfire are a funky blues-rock six-piece from Leeds, England. Having formed in early 2007, Backfire have been gigging, recording and writing ever since.

Backfire's long list of accolades since forming last year includes winning county-wide talent searches, working with top-rated professional producers and supporting major-label artists. Having notched up some 40 gigs in such a short space of time, ranging from smoky blues bars to historic castles, Backfire have managed to secure their own individual place in the Yorkshire music scene.

Originally a five-piece, the recent addition of jazz trumpeter Greg Nicholas has added an even more unique edge to the already dynamic sound. The contrasting approach of the two guitarists Reece Jacob and Richard Bennett blends blues licks with funky chops to add the edge to the layers of pounding bass lines and liquid drum beats laid down by Chris Newsom and Eddie Ball. This thick, raw sound is topped off by the pop-infused fluid melodies of enigmatic front man Joe Carter.

Captain Backfire have effectively achieved a lot in an impossibly short space of time. They have performed in countless venues all over the country, showed limitless potential by continuously advancing as songwriters and performers, and, most importantly, they have found a unique, individual sound. Now all they need is for someone to find them..