This is a review of "You Don't Know How To Love" recorded by The Old Romantic Killer Band. The review was written by Bradley Tubb in 2008.

If the Mississippi is the homeland of the blues then nobody told The Old Romantic Killer Band. The Leeds-based two piece grind out the kind of blues fuelled garage-punk that I can only imagine they must have conceived high on the powdered bones of Howlin’ Wolf. Front man Harry Johns leads with distinctive Ryan Adams inspired vocals which seem to have matured tenfold since previous musical endeavours.

Having been in existence for little more than a year The Old Romantic Killer Band are already on their second drummer, the excellently coiffured Ross ‘Bunse’ Hall stepping aside for new-kid-on-the-block Greg Holland. Although how well he compares to the former’s thrashing aplomb, I’ve yet to test live.

Whilst it’s perhaps not the strongest song in their résumé, ‘You Don’t Know How To Love’ still scores pretty high. Abrupt and overflowing with self assurance it blends part crooning splendour and part rollicking wall of blues-ridden lo-fi sound. Well, depending on how loud you play it.

If you haven’t heard The Old Romantic Killer Band yet then seriously, check them out. If you live in Leeds and you haven’t then you’re beyond redemption.