This is a review of "Emergency" recorded by The Pigeon Detectives. The review was written by Joseph C Seager in 2008.

Perhaps the most sought after album of the year thus far. ‘Emergency’, the second album from The Pigeon Detectives, released 2 days short of a full year since their debut blessed the ears of indie rockers everywhere. Everyone has heard the first single ‘This Is An Emergency’ and all the radio stations have been throwing it out across the land giving it some awesome airplay. Dance To The Radio must be hoping for another success story, since ‘Wait For Me’ was the first platinum selling album released on the independent label.

Jam packed full of good stuff, 13 tasty new songs for us all to sink out teeth into, ‘Emergency’ picks off where ‘Wait For Me’ left off. The band haven’t gone crazy and stepped away from what has made them household names. Fun packed witty lyrics about life and love sung in a beautiful northern accent combined with simple instruments and a hell of a lot of attitude. The Pigeon Detectives are indeed back! I was worried that perhaps there wouldn’t be as many possible single releases in album two as there was in the debut, but I think that there are plenty of opportunities for single release, and successful ones at that. ‘Keep On Your Dress’, ‘Say It Like You Mean It’ and ‘I’m A Liar’ could storm the charts!

‘Nothing To Do With You’ is a semi-interlude, giving you some time to breathe but it’s a brilliant one minute 49 seconds. It’s one of those songs that people will be singing in parks this summer, playing acoustic guitars; sipping cans of special brew and eating scotch eggs. The lyrics could easily have been taken from a break up letter or something similar; meaning everyone in Britain will know where they are coming from. Other stand out tracks are ‘Everybody Wants Me’, ‘You Don’t Need It’ and ‘Love You For A Day (Hate You For A Week)’ but every track has it’s special points. I do have to say though, like the first album, everything sounds a bit samey eventually. But it’s another solid album from the boys from Rothwell. I have a feeling that they are destined for even bigger things.

Selling out Millennium Square two nights running, playing Radio One’s Big Weekend and I believe countless festivals this summer, will not only put them in the forefront of people’s heads, but also make a success of this album. I predict another platinum selling album in no time. The Pigeon Detectives produce a sound follow up when everything could have perhaps fallen apart. The only ‘Emergency’ around here is the name of the album, no ambulances or fire brigades needed thank you! Not in a negative way anyway...