This is an archive of the band profile for The Shirt.

After a career of playing the guitar for top acts Billy Ocean, The White Soul Band and the legendary Private Dicks, guitarist and vocalist 'Shirty' formed The Shirt in 2002, and they fast earned the reputation of being the finest retro 60's and 70's band around.

With the traditional line-up of guitar, bass and drums, plus their strong three part vocal harmonies, The Shirt soon became a regular attraction in pubs, clubs, functions, theme nights and cabaret venues. Delighting audiences all over the UK & Europe with their totally live and exciting performances.

The Shirt was originally formed as the house band at the Hangovers Rock Club where they were in residency. Apart from keeping the audiences entertained the band had to play support to starring bands and back any other artist who wished to play during the infamous open mike jam session. This involved reading, busking or improvising music for anyone who appeared on stage, only a band with an amazing amount of skill and talent and the ability to keep a cool head when all around had lost theirs could perform this task. The band built up an incredible amount of experience of taking over and filling in when other acts fell over and an incredible knack of entertaining an audience. So it became obvious to the band, which all shared the same taste in music, they should gig and showcase their talent..