This is an archive of the band profile for Brookroyd Lane.

The band was founded in 2007 by members Dale Hooley (Bass/Backing Vocals) and Dave Leeming (Guitar/Lead Vocals). By late '07 we were joined by Tony Hudson (Drums) and Johnny Mackie (Guitar). This meant that the set-up was complete, so now we started working on our own original material, and started rehearsing at Diamond Studios based in Wakefield.

After a month or two of rehearsing songs, the band's first gig as a band was at the Black Bull in Dewsbury along with 2 other bands, in which despite being a bit nervous we managed to do the gig without showing any nerves. The gig went well and we had a warm reception, with a lot more people than expected turning up. After this gig we were offered a follow up at the same place again on the 9th May, which we were happy about. Finally at this point the band thought that things could start to happen. During this time we have played several gigs in and around the Leeds area at places such as Trash (Mixing Tin) and The Cardigan Arms, etc, which also went down really well.

At present things are looking really good for the band with more upcoming gigs in Leeds and surrounding areas, and also the possibility of playing abroad. The band professionally recorded their demo on the 11th May at HD1 Studios in Huddersfield, the demo was recorded/produced by Dave Creffield (he has worked with Kaiser Chiefs and Embrace). The experience was a first for us as a band and was one that we thoroughly enjoyed and will definitely be doing again. With things getting exciting now for the band we hope you can come and possibly see us at one of our upcoming shows..