This is an archive of the band profile for The New Delamores.

Lee: guitar / vocals
Barry: bass
Scott: drums

Formerly just "The Delamores", The New Delamores are from the outskirts of Leeds and Wakefield.

Though often described as 60's influenced the songs have a darkness to them in both melody and lyric which make them anything but dated. On tape the songs have a indulgent Spector-ish quality while live there is a stripped down aggression. This summer see them playing in clubs and at festival all over the UK or hear them featured on Louder Than Bombs, Children for Breakfast, Virgin Megastores and Murderous Traffic/Zavvi compilations (NME 8/10), or limited first DIY single "Shoot Me Girl / Round And Round" (sold out), Murderous Traffic released single "Amanda / Jenny" and coming single "Love You Worse / 72" also released on Murderous Traffic this summer..