This is an archive of the band profile for Protectors.

Chris Charlton - Guitar and Vocals
Matthew Parkes - Bass Guitar
Dave Allen - Drums

Protectors Discography
Can't Shake the Moves - 10 track album self released in 2011.
The Stem and Leaf (Philophobia Music) 4 track 12" vinyl and digital, released on Philophobia Music in 2012.
The band are currently writing and rehearsing tracks for their next full release scheduled for early 2014.

Chris Charlton has played in Pylon, Chopper, Two Man Cuppy and Keith Burton. Chris currently releases new music as Shake Your Halo Down
Matthew Parkes has played in Codify and Nathaniel Green
Dave Allen plays in Matadors, Voorhees, Jimmy Islip and the Ghosts, Torn Apart, The Horror and previously The Dead Reckoning
Tim Bradley played drums in Protectors up to 2012 and also played in Dugong, Codify, The Warlord.