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Sketches are Luke, James, John & Matt.

Some nice things people have said...

Hyper rhythmic groove laden indie-pop.

Unsigned band of the week.
Steve Lamacq : 6 music

Quite simply epic, widescreen rock. With the grand ambition of Killers crossed with Wild Beasts.
Jumbo Records

New single 'Bleed Victoria' is just as gut wrenching as previous single 'Slow Start' with the same euphoric stadium rock that pulls U2 by the scruff of their uncool necks and throws them aggressively into a mixing pot with Bloc Party and The Killers.
Leeds Music Scene

Some of their stuff is urgent, groovy indie, some of it is rolling, big, tuneful but angry music, and some of it, creeping, atmospheric, almost soundscapey emotional indie. The singer's voice is really strong and has a lush tendency to go all high halfway through word, which makes something drop in my gut when I listen.'
Marsha Shandur, XFM London

Truth be told, 24 hours ago Sketches were yet to be penciled into my brain but now they've scribbled all over it and I can't rub it off.
Dots & Dashes Blog

It would be very hard to overstate exactly how good this single is or in fact how good Sketches are as a band. This single is creative, beautiful, well crafted, catchy and upbeat.
Leeds Music Scene

Hauntingly he sings 'we are all animals/we've been defeated...We may all be animals, but music like this makes you proud to be human.
Disappear Here Mag

Sketches are solid. In fact they're more like etchings. In mahogany.
NoTitle Mag

A beautiful, soaring single of dreamy alt-rock. (Bleed Victoria)
Drowned In Sound: 09 Mixtape

Two strong vocals, badass drums and rhythmic breakdowns. 5 out of 5 for musical talent.
Willy Mason.