This is an archive of the band profile for The Bacchae.

Harriet Hyde - Vocals
Jockstrap Jim - Guitar
Dave Vachon - Bass
Rob The Fox - Organs
Ant Sargeant - temporarily on drums- we are looking for a new drummer!

P.I.X Magazine- "The Bacchae make that rock and roll that is oh so missing in your life right now. "

Taking their name from Bacchus and his toxic cult of frenzied pleasure worshippers, The Bacchae, a female-fronted garage band indulge a decadent, glam aesthetic and theatrical live show. Their initial impulse to create music together came from a shared passion for hedonistic 60s garage punk and psychedelia, and their interests gradually expanded into early 70s protopunk and glam rock territory - with influences including The Stooges, Velvet Underground, T-Rex and Roxy Music.

Their retrospective influences, however, demonstrate only a deep-rooted and well-nourished obsession with music from the beginning of time to date, that must not be mistaken for dwelling in the past. The Bacchae seek only to delight the spirit of punk that still has a firm place in the present and of course the ever exciting future of music.

The Bacchae are currently enjoying a very warm reception and a dedicated following in their adopted home town, Leeds a well as London and are spreading their fever further afield across the country. This has culminated in a thrilling set at Leeds and Reading festivals 2008 having won the Futuresound competition. They are looking forward to playing Live at Leeds on 2nd May 2009..