This is a review of "VFT EP" recorded by Vest For Tysso. The review was written by Colin Burrill in 2008.

With nagging question marks over the quality of independent music in Britain it’s always mightily refreshing to stumble across a promising outfit such as the Leeds based Vest For Tysso.

The musical project of William Edmonds (with assistance from Nicolas Burrows) and released on Nous Vous Press, Vest For Tysso’s six-track EP was recorded at various houses across Leeds.

Interestingly, the origami-like artwork is immediately striking - demonstrating Edmonds innovative leanings before you’ve even had chance to place the mini CD inside your media player of choice.

Musically, the VFT EP is equally as fresh and exciting as the inventive artwork. Awash with beautifully melancholic vocals and a healthy combination of dreamy acoustic and synthesised arrangements, Vest For Tysso serve up a delicious helping of electronically charged indie-pop with a resonating experimental outlook. The outstanding moment arrives via the extremely wistful ‘Japanese Weather Report’ - a song that wouldn’t sound out of place on a major TV commercial.

Based on the evidence of this excellent release, it becomes quite clear that Vest For Tysso are more than capable of enticing indie fans from far and wide.