This is a review of "Fer De Lance" recorded by Rochelle. The review was written by Mark Shahid in 2008.

Female fronted electro outfit, Rochelle, have been spoken of with tremendous praise over recent months and to find out if all this is true I have the joy of listening to their latest pop jaunt, Fer De Lance. Opening line “Theo, Theo” is way too similar to the Trio adverts from the 80s to be taken seriously but the overtly camp synth lines and mandatory club pulse seem far too over-done. It’s a slightly disappointing and almost formulaic approach to creating a buzz, with a single destined to please the daytime radio staff. I can’t help but think of Rochelle’s target audience and wonder if they could possibly be alienating those who could take this on as good solid electro, as opposed to camp frothy nonsense. There is, however, much more promising work in the way of the 3 remixes I am given courtesy of the Whip and the Proper Villains.

The point of whether or not Rochelle fans are boasting the “pink pound” is entirely academic I should stress, when faced with the sudden realisation that they may actually have something interesting going on – if only they sat back and had faith in their own brilliance as a live act, they’d soon forget about trying to create an obvious hit.