This is an archive of the band profile for The Bambinos.

Tim Garbutt plays guitar;
Jay Lawrance sings;
Liam Pease-Smith writes words;
Pete Richards plays bass guitar and
Sam Vickers drums.

And so it came to pass...five young dandies from Wakefield with a penchant for cute, kooky pop and stupid clothes got together and made the earth move. Stardate 2005: Liam and Jay, two mild-mannered janitors by day, dream of a phenomenal pop-project by night, armed only with the sparkle in their cerebellums: they see a band who only play in the dark, a band who only wear dressing gowns, a band with edible artwork... well, we can all dream can't we?

What they lacked was man-power, so it was just a thin fantasy. All together now: awwwww! Then fate conspired in their favour, and several suitable silhouettes swooped into view: Pete Richards was a budding bassist and fellow student with a head fulla magic, who knew Tim Garbutt, the master craftsman behind the ol' axe. Then Jay met dreamboat drummerman Sam in a toilet and so began and adventure none of them would ever forget....