This is an archive of the band profile for Prismic.

Prismic were formed in late 2007. They are a three piece band who write and perform all their own material. After recording and releasing their spectrum EP in the summer of 2008 they went on to play their first ever gig at the New Roscoe in Leeds on Wednesday 30th July 2008 at which time they broke the attendance record for a Springboard night almost doubling the previous record with over 150 Prismic fans in attendance.

They were asked to return and headline one month later on Monday 25th August 2008 the Leeds Festival weekend by promoter John Keenan and immediately repeated the high attendance numbers previously set.

Once again Prismic were asked to return to the New Roscoe only this time to support The Redwalls who had previously toured America with no other than Oasis as official support act and also appeared on the Letterman show and Jay Leno, an opportunity far too good to miss, once again the Prismic fans turned out in large numbers assuring a fantastic night.

They have also appeared at the Carpe Diem Lyrically Justified open mic night in acoustic form and at the Fox & Newt for one-off gigs within the city of Leeds.

So what next for Prismic? They are currently looking to book gigs at larger venues with the help of John Keenan before returning to the recording studio in early 2009 to record new tracks for their second EP release..