This article was published in 2008.

Buen Chico will release a Free Download single on July 7th. Following the release of their debut album in October 2007, the band have decided to give away their new single ‘Tell Em!’ for free.

The song is a rallying call against apathy – a plea for people to speak their minds and put the world to rights, a reminder that your voice could the one that makes the difference if you’d only use it. This is all wrapped up in a two and half minute nugget of irresistible bubblegum pop, coming in somewhere between Buddy Holly and Pavement, complete with slacker guitar solo and playground chants.

‘Tell Em!’ was recorded at Greenmount Studio in Wakefield with Jamie Lockhart. It is the first release of the sessions that will result in the band’s second album, due for release in October 2008.

The free download will be available from the band’s MySpace page.