This article was published in 2008.

The First Brainwash Compilation will be released on the Children No More Records label on Monday, 28th July 2008. The compilation features a number of diverse bands, the majority of which are based in Leeds.

The heavier side of things comes in the shape of exclusive tracks from the relentless Red Stars Parade; the progressive instrumentalists These Monsters; the atmospherics of Year Of The Man; and the 17-minute prog-metal-folk epic that is Humanfly's collaboration with Rose Kemp.

Elsewhere on the CD there is the maturity and ingenuity of Youthmovies and Vessels, the aggressive indie-math-pop of Wintermute and the emerging indie talent of Dinosaur Pile-up, whilst Jetplane Landing and Pulled Apart by Horses bring the rock.

The folk corner is kept happy by Jonquil and Paul Marshall, with a rare track previously only available on a limited cassette compilation. We vs Death bring pretty melancholy from the Netherlands, and finally there is some intelligent electronica from the fantastic Random Number, both providing unreleased tracks.

Brainwash has been putting on independent gigs and festivals in Leeds for over 5 years. In that time they have put on the likes of Adem, Unsane, Clark and Oceansize, plus many more artists from Leeds, the UK and around the world.