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Featuring the talents of Bill Hudson (harmonica, penny whistle, melodica, percussion and backing vocals) Dougie Brister (vocals, lead guitar), Cecil Zinyuku (vocals, guitar, percussion and production), with inspiration and past contributions from Denny Austin (rhythm guitar, vocals, songwriting), and Liz Mackenzie (songwriting and vocals).

Bill is the nephew of the classical composer William Blezard, who was musical director for screen legend Marlene Dietrich. He is a journalist with the Daily Star in Scotland. Cecil once had a number one in his native Zimbabwe and helped produced De'Lacy's dance hit Hideaway. His credits also include guest support for Aussie pop singer Peter Andre. Dougie, like Bill originally from Burnley, is a versatile musician, DJ and extra. You may have spotted him on Emmerdale.
With Todmorden-based vox Maddy Brooks and with contributions from Accrington rapper Dave C and freelance journo Steve Bott (Internet Lurve God), m62 goddam are putting together an album of fusion that includes a version of Billie Holiday's classic Strange Fruit. You can hear this on The Jazz Network Worldwide, where the band have launched their own music player. Listen out for Prozac Donkey (featuring Dave C) on that website.....

This is how it Bradford, West Yorkshire, is a natural second home for The Blues. This is where M62 Goddam met up at a jam at the much-missed MacRory's Bar prior to a blistering set at Bradford's Big Gig on July 2, 2006.

Once upon a funkalise, M62 grew up around the blues harmonica of Hudson, the guitar licks and songwriting talent of Bradford music legend Austin and production/percussion mastermind Cecil Zinyuku. Debut EP 'M62 GODDAM' was launched on Sunday November 19 at Delius, Bradford's premier indie music pub.

Tracks: Help Me. Summertime. Love Me Like A Woman. I Would Rather Go Blind.

Kendra and Jez left the band but the M62s stepped up a gear, showcasing the talents of Liz MacKenzie, great soul voice, Denny Austin, the rhythm king and songwriting maestro; Bill Hudson, blues-harp legend of the Padiham Delta, whistle wonder and Daily Star of Scotland scribe; and Dougie Brister.

On July 4, 2008, there were fireworks as Hudson, Brister and Zinyuku as M62 Goddam supported La Fleur Fatale on the Swedish band's UK tour to promote their new, critically-acclaimed album Night Generation..