This is a review of "My Heart is Set On You" recorded by Heads We Dance. The review was written by Maria Pinto-Fernandes in 2008.

Heads We Dance’s latest, double A-side single begins with an intro that sounds like it’s being beamed from outer space, because the scenes and sounds that their music conjures up is like nothing of the ordinary. The band are very much representative of their [Leeds-based] record label Art Goes Pop in the sense that they make one thankful for them, due to the fact that their music is innovative and unique… nothing like the faceless, mass-produced shit that has even started to clog up ‘specialist’ shows and independent charts.

Beamed from outer space, teleported from the 80s except with better synths and an ear for a tune, the quartet effectively ooze soothingly into one’s ears like some sort of lotion or dare I say it, baby oil. Mmm yes how naughty and devilish and decadent and delicious and oohhh that’s what’s so fucking great about this band, that they inject the fun back into music at a time when the lust for life has been sucked out of it for the sake of shifting units.

The one very very very minor criticism comes from a journalistic point of view, simply because Heads We Dance are so effervescent and otherwordly that you just must listen to them for yourself to comprehend what I’m trying to say. Yes, thank fuck for that, there is music out there that requires effort, and believe me, Heads We Dance are more than deserving of your time.