This article was published in 2008.

Leeds solo artist Benjamin Wetherill will release his debut album, the ‘Laura’ LP, on the Red Deer Club / Ba Da Bing labels on 28th July 2008.

The 10-track album includes the songs ‘For All The Headlines’, ‘Ada’, ‘So Dark The Night’, ‘Folds In The Curtain’, ‘ Kissing Under The Poplars’, ‘A Willowing’, ‘Shallow Brown’, ‘Black Waterside’, ‘How Lonely The Moon’ and ‘Oh Sorrow’.

Recorded in a disused 19th-century palace on the outskirts of Budapest, Benjamin Wetherill's first album captures the intimacy of a delicate folk idiom along with the innovation of original technique and approach.

Jeremy Barnes, A Hawk and a Hacksaw's inventive songwriter, heard Wetherill while touring and offered to produce his debut album. Barnes enlisted his Hun Hangar Ensemble of Hungarian musicians to assist in the recording, delicately expanding Wetherill's songs to include a feather orchestra of light touches and subtle accents, blending sentiments of pre-war European jazz with early English pathos.