This is a review of "Walking Through Houses" recorded by The Scaramanga Six. The review was written by Dave Procter in 2008.

After both the songwriting and production genius that was 2007s LP tour de force “The Dance Of Death”, a question that crossed my mind was where now for the Six, such was the magnificence of the LP? Could they up the ante and show that that was just the starting point to something very, very massive indeed? I am pleased to report that this is very much the case.

“Walking Through Houses” picks up where “Towering Inferno” left off – packed full of beautiful menace, brutality and gorgeous vocals and blimey is there a lot going on in it, and when Paul and Steve deliver “gonna punch your lights out”, you’d best be ready. Phew. B-side (hark at me grandad) “I Can See A Murder” gives a nod and a wink to its producer Tim Smith in the Cardiacs-esque/“Flashing Blade” beginning and then goes off on one in a Pixies “Trompe le Monde” style shoutathon, with drama, tension and of course tunes in abundance, before coming to an angelic harmonic ending.

Fuck me, this is a great piece of work all round, which doesn’t surprise this writer given the band’s progress over the last 10 years. Large amounts of applause please for the Wrath team for furnishing our lugholes with these two. Please sir, can we have some more?