This is a review of "Untitled" recorded by Jack Afro. The review was written by Rowan Brunswick in 2008.

Upon first listen this EP made little impression on me, as ‘Mucktub’ made way for the second track ‘Regular Guy’, I found myself wondering if my CD player was stuck on repeat mode, and had to check that this really was a new song. But in the way that the finest wines improve with age, by the third listen I was hooked on it. It's filled with six nuggets of ridiculously catchy and fidgety angular rock, you'd struggle to find more hooks in a production of Peter Pan played by centipedes, the most obvious being ‘Arguing’, which in between its chorus of “who's in love?” finds time for a doo-wop acapella breakdown the type that Phil Spector might have once written for The Supremes.

This review would have been more than four stars if the premium quality of the first three songs had been kept up, but things take a bit of a dip at ‘Circles’, which sees the band trying to break away from their mould a bit, and while it’s not short of ideas, they can’t get away with basically messing around with the same basic riff and chord structure. That said, it’s refreshing to see a band messing with their formula properly, something a couple of few well-known Leeds bands disappointingly have failed to do.

The EP closes with ‘Self Pity’, which is a song which shouldn’t really work, being basically one long extended terrace chant, but they just about pull it off through strength of character. This is a band whose local reputation deserves to be translated into national success.