This is an archive of the band profile for Ether 5.

The band started off as a three piece in 2006 and recorded their first demo in 2007 at Diamond Studios in Wakefield. When they started to gig they relocated to Leeds.

After an extensive period of gigging and some changes to the lineup, they recorded a second demo in the summer of 2009. In 2012 the band disbanded amicably due to other musical commitments.

Ether 5 were:

Dan Christie (Bass) (2006-2008)
Buddha (Drums) (2006-2012)
Jamie Mooney (Vocals/Guitar) (2006-2012)
Oli Jenkins (Bass) (2008-2012)
Leon Spencer (Lead/Bvox) (2009-2010)
Martyn Spencer (Lead/Bvox) (2009-2012)

Jamie now plays in a band called Neuts. They are based in Leeds and play their own brand of grunge and alternative rock - as well as some of the older Ether 5 songs..