This is an archive of the band profile for The Half Nelsons.

Rich (The Beast) - Vocals
Chris (Superhands) - Lead Guitar
Craig (CJ) - Rhythm Guitar
Chris (lordy) - Drums
Rob (Lionhart) - Bass

Last year we started work on material to record a demo, a year later we said goodbye to our much loved drummer Teldra who has gone on to work with her former band Thee Northcoats ( After loosing many bassists we said goodbye to yet another bassist Sam who helped us get this far. In the past few months we managed to find a drummer and bassist to complete our line up. Rich (singer) managed to get in contact with a friend who was up for joining the band. Chris and Craig managed to get in touch with former drummer for the Half Nelsons way back in early 2007 who was also more than happy to rejoin.

With a complete lineup again we have a set date for our Demo; 1st September 2008.