This is a review of "Pretty Handsome" recorded by A Lot Like Eskimos. The review was written by Joseph C Seager in 2008.

Leeds band A Lot Like Eskimos have been all over the city’s music scene and have a steady fan base which they please with tonnes of local gigs. Having been featured on Nick Grimshaw’s Radio One show they will no doubt gain some more MySpace hits, but to me, it’s all a bit dated.

There isn’t that much special or outstanding from four-piece. They’ve recorded these three songs at the HD1 studios where the Kaisers and Pigeons have recorded previously, but most of the combinations of pop, electronica, dance and rock are nothing special. The lyrics aren’t that distinctive and I think they are destined to stay on the local scene more so than painting the country with their Eskimo colours. They may indeed prove me wrong, but I don’t find them that exciting or interesting.