This is an archive of the band profile for FF'ers.

FF'ers are only in it for the money and fame. Maybe one day they will be able to hang around with peaches geldof and have enough money to OD in some trendy London night club. FF'ers will do anything to achieve this. If a major label suggests they should tap into some new current fad such as nu-rave, shit-gaze or simply become a bubblegum pop act, FF'ers will be more than happy to comply. FF'ers will become a cog in the machine and are quite happy about this. FF'ers will find themselves taking part in th destruction and trivialisation of music through consumer culture, HIP HIP HOORAY. FF'ers will drown in their own ego's and go back to their shitty nine to five jobs. FF'ers are inconsequential, and will become boring like everything else.

FF'ers are famous for getting bottled off stage due to fans gathering thinking they were actually The Foo Fighters playing under a different moniker..