This is a review of "Tell 'Em" recorded by Buen Chico. The review was written by James Burkitt in 2008.

If I had to define Buen Chico in a few words I would say they are jangly, up-beat indie. “Tell ‘Em” is available on free download and is a taster from Buen Chico’s forthcoming album release. If this song is anything to go by the album could contain a number of catchy pop nuggets.

This three-piece have a very formulaic approach to writing songs and my proof is that the lyric “Tell ‘Em” won’t lodge from my brain. The song is about people’s apathy in this day and age. It urges each one of us to stand up and say what we think.

The sheer exuberance of this three-piece makes you stop and listen too, but the song ends abruptly at 2 and a half minutes and left me wanting a lot more.

They compare themselves to 90’s alternative outfit Pavement and Buddy Holly. The vocals sound more Good Shoes than Buddy Holly and the whole thing has a certain old English charm. Strangely enough reminding me of searching through my parents’ record collection and finding that hidden hippy-mod gem.

There is the odd bit of unexpected piano and guitar doodling but mostly “Tell ‘Em” rolls along in very much the same vein.

Hopefully their album will fill this gap for me and display other sides to Buen Chico.

All in all “Tell ‘Em” is not completely groundbreaking but instead promising.