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Reviewed on 18th September 2008.



By ChasinJade

This demo from Leeds based "groove-metallers" ChasinJade kicks off with 'Kiss The World Goodbye.' This track features an impressive high of pounding drums, raw, live-sounding riffs and screamo vocals, proving right from the start that ChasinJade can deliver the goods when it comes to professional-sounding metalcore. However, although the rest of 'Kiss The World Goodbye' does feature some nicely gritty chords and the occasional big riff, for the most part it's a veneer of paint-by-numbers indie guitars that'll leave you wishing that the whole of 'Kiss The World Goodbye' matched up to its more metallic moments.

The other major problem with 'Kiss The World Goodbye' is that, although Charlie Robinson certainly has the voice to front a band, ChasinJade keep his vocals at the forefront of the entire song. It quickly becomes clear that Robinson's isn't one of those rare voices that can withstand close scrutiny. Thrusting his voice at the listener in this way is completely unnecessary, especially since he sounds a hundred times better when backed by a wall of riffs on second track 'Not In My Name.'

Interestingly, Robinson adopts a deeper vocal style for this song than he does in 'Kiss The World Goodbye.' Occasionally, he seems to be straining to reach those low notes, but for the most part this vocal style perfectly complements the song's classic-sounding riffs. ChasinJade seem to have a far greater talent for heavier music, than they do for the thin rock of 'Kiss The World Goodbye.'

'Not In My Name' also has a great chorus, bulked up with some old school rock and roll riffs, and a bridge section crammed with stormy-sounding chords.

However, there are still some misjudgements: ChasinJade insist on cracking out the acoustic guitars for the verses and indulge in questionable lyrics and some horrendous mock free-styling vocals, but that heavy, hoarse-throated chorus does more than enough to redeem 'Not In My Name.'

'Suffocate' is this demo's stand-out track, being easily heavier and more developed than the other three. Even Robinson sounds like a more grown-up and competent vocalist when backed by chugging riffs, a catchy-but-crushing metalcore chorus, and the occasional squealing chord acting as an immediate hook into all the heaviness.

The verses may be less developed and veer towards 'Kiss The World Goodbye' territory, but 'Suffocate' is still a mind-bogglingly massive improvement on the previous two songs, which makes you wonder whether this is the only brand new song on this demo, and the other three are slightly older works.

'Euthanasia' sees ChasinJade edge away from metal, with verses full of plodding drums and subdued guitars, and those too-prominent vocals. Thankfully, they break out the big, metal-tinged riffs for the chorus and end-section, giving Robinson the necessary padding he needs when he's reaching for those big notes.

But, the essential mistake 'Euthanasia' makes is one that pretty much sums up this entire recording: whenever ChasinJade take it down a notch, they become flat and uninteresting, but the moment they go for the listener's throat, everything falls into place. If in the future ChasinJade can always sound as ferocious as they sometimes do on this demo, then they will really be an up-and-coming metalcore band to watch out for.



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On 19th September 2008 at 09:40 Anonymous 7169 wrote...

I think that your review is pretty good.
but i'm not sure you know what you are talking about when it comes to music.
ChasinJade are awesome, possibly one of the best new heavy rockbands of 2008. i don't know where you got metalcore from or indie, but you sound pretty amature as a music critic. i have never heard a band this tight live and a band that sounds better than the CD live.
I would take the time to listen to music a bit more and learn some better words to describe music.


On 19th September 2008 at 18:24 Dave LMS wrote...

Nice made-up name there 'Spence' AKA 'Rabea Massaad' AKA 'Bea' AKA 'the ChasinJade guitarist'.

It's fine to respond to reviews - we welcome feedback - but the general etiquette is not to make up a false name. Next time: just come out and say what you have to say using your own name....


On 20th September 2008 at 12:21 Anonymous 6562 wrote...

haha, busted! jessica - i thought it was a good review. don't let people like this put you off.


On 20th September 2008 at 15:06 Anonymous 7172 wrote...

Cheers for the feedback Rabea. It's always nice to hear back from people who are clearly very passionate about what they do, and have a strong belief in their music. I meant the 'indie' comments to refer to lighter parts of these four songs - for example, the chords playing in the background of 'Kiss The World Goodbye's verses. I used 'metalcore' to describe how I felt it isn't all heaviness from start to finish, as there were plenty of more melodic sections - the verses of 'Euthanasia' and 'Not In My Name,' for example. I used these other labels, in conjunction with 'metal' to describe the different sounds that, in my opinion, are present in this demo. But, how would you describe your sound? Just 'metal,' or would you say there are shades of any other genres?


On 20th September 2008 at 17:27 Anonymous 7169 wrote...

Hey Everyone,

First of all, i would like to apologies for the comment posted above. My email was used to create an account to comment on this review. I'm sorry for the comment, it is unfair to say that you know nothing about music, because there are plenty of good comments that you wrote.
The reason i put it there was because i felt upset that our first review, ever, was not what i would of hoped for. please don't get me wrong, it is a good review, but first thing in the morning at work when i saw it, i felt the need to say something back. obviously i don't have the balls to say it myself and now i look like a complete idiot to whoever reads it.
I guess we have had nothing but good feedback about us and so this was the first time we got something different. i didn't want to make us look arrogant, but i guess thats all we look like now.

Reading it over again, i am very greatful that Jessica has taken the time to listen to our music and written an in depth review about it. You have some very strong points that we have already talked about and taken into account. But i felt there was some comments that i personally didn't agree with.

In answer to your question Jessica, i would agree that there is a metal influence in our music, but i think there is a strong RATM and Limp Bizkit style to our music with vocals like Chris cornell and Brandon Boyd. Although we have a lot of "metal" sections, i guess i would class us as an alternative sounding heavy rock band with a bit of prog as well.

To reiterate what i said before, i feel so stupid now but i am very sorry for being such an idiot and making us sound immature and false. We really aren't. We are very commited and focused with a lot of drive. At a time like this for us when we are recording our album, we look at that CD as old because it's been about 8 months since we recorded it. But i would really love you to review our new CD and say what you want.

Again, i apologise. It's a learning curve for me to say the least!



On 20th September 2008 at 19:24 Anonymous 7172 wrote...

Thank you very much for your reply! I completely understand that when you're passionate about something it's very difficult to hear anything that isn't 100% positive, no one wants to hear anything bad about their baby! I did like an awful lot of things about your demo, and anything negative I said was just my opinion, and I did try to present it in a constructive way - but, like I said, it's just my opinion.
I appreciate the apology, although you shouldn't be so hard on yourself, I think it's clear that it was just a heat-of-the-moment-style reaction, and I certainly don't think you're immature or arrogant, just willing to defend yourself when something's said that you don't agree with. And I appreciate you replying to my question about how you'd classify your sound, it's always nice to hear others' opinions, especially from those people involved in the music!



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