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Reviewed on 19th February 2010.


The Pablos

By The Pablos

For all its foot-stomping, head-nodding immediacy, The Pablos' self-titled EP fails to provide a real lasting impression.

This is highly competent, professionally performed and recorded rock music. Its guitars riff and gel neatly together, often intricately, mainly resisting the urge to veer off into mindless solos. The vocals are strong. It's percussively fine.

These three songs lack hooks, though, and fail to kick off in the way you desperately want them to. There's something oddly restrained about The Pablos' sound - as if these tracks were written by a band terribly afraid of breaking away from genre norms. As a result, the EP often feels flat and soulless.

That said, there are standout moments. The finale of track 2, 'Preacher,' comes closer than anything else on the record to upping the game to desired levels - though, at five minutes, it's a song that drags on a little too long for comfort. Closing piece 'Open Up Your Mind' is lively and bouncy, and impossible not to groove along to. It never approaches being a bad effort, by any means - but the quality of the musicianship and production values leave you aching for more.



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On 24th February 2010 at 13:07 Anonymous 6004 wrote...

I've listened to this quite a few times now Lewis - bit short for an EP maybe and it might have been called it a single not so long ago, but here are my thoughts on the music : Having had to go too early from last Friday's launch gig at the Cardigan Arms, I did at least buy the Pablos' debut EP before zooming away. Well, I missed some quite mature and compelling stuff if the live show had what at least two of these songs have got. The nicely-wrought neo-sixties 'Lose Control' conjures up thoughts of the gig scene from the 1966 film Blow Up ; and if track one has a touch of Joy Division in the title, it's still there in the actual sound of 'Preacher' along with some feel of the Velvet Underground as a route to the Grateful Dead - an atmosphere which stays around for 'Open Up Your Mind.'

And a quick word about how comfortable the Cardi was when Tzar Nicholas III and the Exiles were on stage with their sleazy blues act -something of New Yorkers Hazmat Modine about it, including even a slight physical resemblance to that idiosyncratic and talented band. - John Hepworth, 23 Feb 2010 -



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