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16 Year Divide by Hatch

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Reviewed on 1st May 2001.


16 Year Divide

By Hatch

When I received this EP from Dave I knew absolutely nothing about Hatch or their music so this is a new experience for me! On first listen to this CD I think they have a sound somewhat similar to the Stone Roses earlier material.

Listening to the title track "16 Year Divide" I was quite intrigued by the interesting rhythms on the drums at the beginning and the 52-second intro! I was very impressed with the lead vocals on this track and there was some quite stunning guitar work, but there was no real variation in the song structure. The mix of the song really let it down too as it didn't show the band at its best.

On the 2nd track the mix improved greatly and you could pick out each instrument clearly. Again this had a very long intro before the vocals entered. Some nice quiet verses building up with a powerful chorus. Interesting guitar effects on the choruses towards the end of the song. The only thing that let this song down was the amount of delay on the vocals throughout the whole song. This song didn't progress from the 1st song really.

On the 3rd track there were some rather strange effects being employed by the guitarist. This track also employs keyboards and acoustic guitar. The guitars should have been louder in the verses to bring the vocals out a little bit more. The vocals on this track are sometimes off key slightly, which lets the song down. This song was a progression from the 2 previous songs and drove along nicely.

The 4th track, in my opinion, was their best track on the EP and really should have opened the EP with this track. Again the guitar work on this track is very effective, basic but effective. I was very impressed by the lead vocals on this track and think they brought the track to life.

Hatch do have talent both vocally and playing together. The music is played very tightly but the mixing of the CD lets them down which is a shame because there are some good songs on here.



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On 10th May 2013 at 11:28 Anonymous 43578 wrote...

Leeds band HatchE.P.From 2000************************************************************-16 year divide- Friction- Falling- 20 years on************************************************************I saw this band at Joseph's Well back in Autumn of 2000 when I was an independent promoter of gigs in Leeds, under the moniker of BNS Events (Break Neck Speed). I was scouting for bands to promote, and these caught my ear at a very empty Joseph's Well. There was about 10 people in the audience, probably the bands mates.I booked them anyway as they impressed me with their sound which I considered part Metal - part Manchester / post-Oasis. It must be a Northern working class vocals thing. The singer had a Liam Gallagher-esque snarl about his delivery. I booked them for a gig at the Fenton a short time later, hoping to start building a buzz. They bailed on me, pulling out a few days before the gig. I asked them to find me a replacement, and they suggested a couple of bands. The one I went for was called Parva. Thee guy said they were called Runston Parva a couple of years previously, and were from Menston / Ilkley way. I called up their keyboard player, a guy called Nick who told me everyone calls him 'Peanut'. "Fair enough!" I thought.So not really knowing what to expect, I arranged for them to fill in for their mates Hatch. The gig was on Thursday 22nd November 2000 at the Fenton, 161 Woodhouse Road in Leeds, near the old BBC building, in the University area.Supporting were a band from Bradford who were named after an Italian football team, Udinese, and a solo acoustic performer called Paul Smith or Brown or something like that, who I had seen singing in the bar of the Leeds College of Music at which I was studying for a BTEC in Music Production. He was good, very strong songs. He was a barman at the LCM bar, and also doing a degree there.I remember a preg-gig conversation with members of Parva, I think it was the lead singer, Ricky, and members of Udinese about the origin of the latter's name. They mentioned how they were named after Udinese Calcio, a top flight Italian soccer club. I think this impressed keyboardist Nick 'Peanut' Baines and frontman Ricky Wilson, who were Leeds United fans. The gig was damn good, it was buzzing with people and I took a few hundred quid on the door that night. I was charging 2-50 concessions and 3-00 full price. I estimate there were 130 people packed in there, as a few people blagged their way in and it was hard to keep an eye on the door as I was running a one man operation. Anyway, I took 345 in pure profit, as the venue, an upstairs function room above the pub was free to hire. Being of a socialist mindset, I divided the money between all three acts, myself and their sound-man,a producer and sound engineer called Dave Creffield, who was noted for his work with local legends, Wyke / Brighouse based Embrace, who had broken through 3 years previously with 'Fireworks', 'One Big Family' and 'All You Good Good People' and their 1998 Album 'The Good Will Out'.So myself and members of Parva (Peanut and Ricky) counted the money up, after I realising that their sound-man needed to be on the payroll, and divided it by 13, unlucky for some. Each of us was paid 26.50, which for doing their first proper gig as Parva was a nice surprise. I recall singer Ricky been really overjoyed that he had been paid some money for a gig, usually bands were left out of pocket. I could have just kept the money, and thanked them for coming along, but I wanted to earn more than just a nice wage, kudos, a good name and some respect as a promoter with good business ethics.A few months later the band were signed to Mantra records, a subsidiary of Beggars Banquet, the label which the Charlatans were signed to. I remember looking up Parva to see what had happened to them when I was in Sydney, Austrailia at in the summer of 2001, and saw they were about to release their debut single, a big chunky fuzz fest of distorted guitars, Stooges "I Wanna Be Your Dog" plonking piano and and angry snarling vocals.By 2002 they band had minor success on the indie scene and the Student Broadcasting Network Radio (SBN), and Xfm....but the NME took a dislike to them for whatever reason. The Strokes were still strutting their stuff and Leeds indie darlings The Music were breaking through.So Mantra must have dropped them after a poor reception. The one day in mid May 2004, I opened the NME singles review page and saw the faces of some familiar figures. I instantly recognised the profile of Peanut. The band had changed their name to Kaiser Cheifs. It would appear that they had been inspired to re-brand themselves as Kaiser Chiefs, the name of a South African football team, one of whose players, Lucas Radebe who also captained Leeds United by their support act Udinese, at the Fenton in Leeds back in the year 2000. The rest as they say...is history.



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