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Hessles by Parva

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Reviewed on 1st September 2002.



By Parva

The new single release from Parva is live favourite Hessles, a savage two and a half minute testimony to life in the Leeds area. Non-stop, furious mind-thumping indie-rock kicks are the order of the day, with "would you live here?" survival techniques the next step for the faint hearted. "Live in fear of me, because I'm out of my head, and I know your address, living in the Hessles". But it ain't all that bad, is it Ricky? An unrelenting foot stomping tune, and ten times the rawk and energy of the previous release. Great. Strangely enough for an early-career release, the B-sides are just as captivating. Put me on the cover of your magazine has that catchy Supergrass Coco-era verse and a draw you in singalong chorus, which if you hadn't guessed goes "put me on the cover of your magazine, put me on the cover of your magazine" - hook, reel, repeat and fade. And AKA is the unexpected treat at the end, a blast of light and breezy electronica, a love affair seemingly forged out of nowhere; not many bands cross genre so blatantly within the space of three songs yet Parva achieve this with apparent ease and show no hesitation in raising the stakes further. It's just got interesting...



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On 26th December 2004 at 13:35 Anonymous 1944 wrote...

This is probably my fav song from all the parva/kaiser chiefs releases. It's a lot darker than the usual Kaiser happy efforts. I also picked it up on cd and vinyl for about 6 a few months ago and now they are both worth a fortune!!



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