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I am New Mexico by The Breech

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Reviewed on 11th February 2004.


I am New Mexico

By The Breech

A hectic lifestyle means that it has taken me a good week or two to actually get round to playing this CD. As I crank it up I wish I had found the time earlier. This is top quality stuff, opener 'Digging Holes' has some atmospheric keyboards that float in and out as the rhythm of the drums and the guitar give an almost slowed down drum and bass vibe to proceedings. Davoc Bradley has a fine voice and the vocal melodies throughout this mini album are strong and memorable. A lot of care and attention has gone into the arrangements of these songs. It's all good pop/rock with a dash of the aforementioned dance element.

It's not really an accurate comparison but I'm left with the impression that this is what Coldplay would sound like if they cheered up a bit and hit the distortion a little more often. The songs are well produced and the band keep things nice and tight. Bradley's voice is allowed to shine and 'Chasing The Sun' is a song that could easily dent the Top 40. 'My Missile' could penetrate the Top 20. There are some good songs here for sure but perhaps too many peaks and troughs, a little more consistency to keep things at their highest level and this is a band you will hear much more from. The Breech are certainly on the right path though and this is a CD you should certainly give a spin as it contains some well crafted and superbly played tunes.



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On 12th February 2004 at 17:57 Anonymous 904 wrote...

'I'm left with the impression that this is what Coldplay would sound like if they cheered up a bit and hit the distortion a little more often.' - Ha ha!!! Nicely put!!!
Saw them at The Brudenell a while back. Good live sound too with excellent trombone!!! I meant to get their CD at the gig but got pissed and forgot!!


On 9th September 2004 at 11:51 Anonymous 3213 wrote...

Now then,

Sorry to take so long to reply to this, only just noticed it!! If you email us as thebreech@hotmail.com then we'll get you a copy "I am new mexico". We we're giving away free copies at the brudanel of some live work we did and also the first CD we did, "In a better place", but i guess you must have missed me walking round giving them out! I know i would have if i was drunk! ha ha




On 9th September 2004 at 11:57 Anonymous 251 wrote...

Alright Davoc, I wouldn't mind some of your older stuff either!

How's tricks?


On 9th September 2004 at 12:05 Anonymous 2538 wrote...

The Breech are ace. 'tis official.

...and they are playing the TTS in October (29th) with Being 747, Transparent Things, Xi and Johnny's in the Basement by happy coincidence!


On 13th September 2004 at 15:43 Anonymous 3213 wrote...

Hi Rob, Cheers for that fella! We can't wait to play the TTS, sound in the HiFi is amazing! Mike, I can get you our "In A Better Place" CD, but its about 2-3 years old, and you'll not recognise it as us...some lovely trombone action on it though!! You could wait until October though, when we're recording a new CD, 4 or 5 tracks...Can't wait to record it now!!



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