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Give Me A Reason by Menbrain

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Reviewed on 13th February 2004.


Give Me A Reason

By Menbrain

Lets get this out of the way. This is some of the worst production I have heard on a demo. It's the worst snare sound ever recorded too. I find it hard to understand how anyone can hear it and not think "Hmmm, maybe I should do something about that". It sounds like the school dinner lady banging a tray. Some nifty guitar work goes some way to recovering some ground for Menbrain. This is 80's cock rock at not quite its finest though. There's nothing spectacular to hook in the listener, it's pretty formulaic and the lyrics would make even Gene Simmons cringe, not least the yodel at the end of 'Turn Me On'. 'Hottest Thing In The City' seems to borrow its opening from 'Teenage Kicks' before realising and wandering off into another 80's riffage and shouty vocals. The Darkness this is not. Poor it is.



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On 15th February 2004 at 19:43 Anonymous 1816 wrote...

Firstly I'd just like to say, that fair play not everyone is going to like the band and thats fair enough. But what I would like to say is Menbrain are an excellent live band and recordings do them no justice (and to be fair when the reviewer is giving top marks to bands like stereophonics and counting crows who pride themselves on top class production). And to try and say the lads are trying to sound like the darkness is just laughable as they dont (and dont try) sound anything remotely like them, come and review them at their gig at the fenton mate on the 6th, hopefully you will see a different menbrain to what you hear on cd!


On 15th February 2004 at 23:02 Anonymous 13 wrote...

"The Darkness this is not". You both agree.

"recordings do them no justice"
You both agree.

So what's the problem?


On 16th February 2004 at 17:04 Anonymous 1830 wrote...

Let's get this out of the way hey! Oh come on man, how many demos have u heard if this is the worst production you've ever heard. I've heard plenty and it's far from that. It was recorded above a pub in Featherstone for free because we ain't got any money. We've heard all the songs pumping out in a club and they sounded cool, people dancing, not bothering what the snare sounded like. If your'e giving full marks to the Stereophonics as the guy above said then I'm glad you slagged our demo off. 80's cock rock, is that all you can come up with, you make us sound like Bon Jovi.


On 25th May 2004 at 22:10 Anonymous 1739 wrote...

A bit late with my reply here but I don't often browse this sight - only look into bands I'm interested in or see who's playing and where. Any way on with it. The recording is a hell of a lot better than a lot of the shit out there. These guys are like many of us trying to get heard on a tight budget. Studio time is bloody expensive to say the least. Menbrain are an excellent live band - I have seen them many times and am becoming a massive fan. If you like rock music you'll love Menbrain. Go and see them live.


On 25th May 2004 at 22:12 Anonymous 1739 wrote...

Oh and the CD is quality, I play it in the car all the time.


On 26th May 2004 at 00:17 Anonymous 251 wrote...

But I love Bon Jovi! We've had this conversation a million times. Don't send something in if you're going to moan.
Studio time is not expensive. Try House of Mook, it's a bargain when you listen to the quality. The two Charly Six singles have been recorded for less than 150 each time and have always been complimented on the production quality. That's only a night out on the beers worth of cash from each band member.
And as far as the comments about what they sound like live...the review wasn't of a gig, it was off the CD wasn't it?


On 30th October 2005 at 17:02 Anonymous 4173 wrote...

Listened to this cd last week when we were recording our new demo. The origianl reviewer was right, it is a pile of s**t. The drums sound terrible. What were we thinking.
What do those Monkeys say,proves that love is not only deaf but blind.


On 30th October 2005 at 17:04 Anonymous 4173 wrote...

Sorry, should say blind but deaf.



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