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Quiet Places by Samsa

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Reviewed on 6th June 2004.


Quiet Places

By Samsa

Named after a character in a Kafka story who awakes to find himself transformed into a beetle, Samsa exude that pyrotechnic self doubt that Radiohead have as good as taken as their own. I mention this first to get it out of the way. This is the third Samsa release I have reviewed, and the Thom Yorke echo still rings loud and clear. This is especially true of second string "Keep Me Awake". But I will say no more on the subject.

Where earlier work has been diverse and tentative, this single is sharp, focused and tough minded. No cellos. No ensemble playing. This is a rock single to put alongside work by the likes of British Sea Power and Franz Ferdinand. Opening chords call up Polly Harvey's triumphant playing on "Stories from the City, Stories From the Sea" - no bad thing. To my ears it does more and goes further than several of the recently signed Leeds outfits have done with their current singles. It has a fresh-sounding section with prominent voice and bluesy riffing guitar. It stands up spiky and proud.

The second track is clearly the same band, and doesn't slouch one single bar. But it isn't quite as taut and would serve best as a mid-set shift in mood. The vocal track is, in parts, a bit more forced and anguished.

If this is where fast-growing Samsa now stand, then they've got plenty going for them. Seek it out.



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On 6th June 2004 at 17:09 Anonymous 2406 wrote...

I know this has no relevance, but did anyone notice that the first 5 letters of Sam Saunder's name spells 'Samsa'? How freaky.


On 6th June 2004 at 17:18 Anonymous 13 wrote...

It is distinctly creepy now you come to mention it. Perhaps I am metamorphosing into a band? Or, worse still, perhaps the band are metamorphosing into a senile beetle-like reviewer? Or even the Beatles? How will it all end? ... go to: www.mala.bc.ca/~johnstoi/stories/kafka-E.htm


On 6th June 2004 at 17:25 Dave LMS wrote...

Note: url tags available now, message above amended.


On 15th June 2004 at 21:17 Anonymous 2723 wrote...

"Quiet Places" is released July 5th on Ltd edition 7" Vinyl. Mook Records, distributed by Shellshock.


On 16th June 2004 at 16:39 Anonymous 2538 wrote...

No it isn't. Its now out on 26th July. Apparently. TBC. It _will_ be out though. Is that you Ol?



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