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My Revolution by Justin Evans

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Reviewed on 8th June 2004.


My Revolution

By Justin Evans

As imaginative as the title is, this most solo of solo projects (being entirely composed and played by Mr Evans) is a rather drab collection of naively written and flatly performed demos. Ten of them to be exact, all comprising of the exact same format: mid-tempo drum machine, washy indie guitar, some particularly uninspiring politically inspired lyrics, dum dum dum dum bass and a rather stiff fingered guitar solo. It's dull after two tracks so after 10 you can use you own imagination. At its brightest it could be reminiscent of Bob Mould's Sugar but it rarely ever comes close. Perhaps the addition of a live band would offer some better ideas.



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On 10th June 2004 at 12:49 Anonymous 904 wrote...

Anyone know where I can get a copy of this?

I want to know if it really is this crap.


On 10th June 2004 at 14:07 Anonymous 13 wrote...



On 11th June 2004 at 16:07 Anonymous 904 wrote...

Cheers Sam.

Mmm. Mmm. The sound clips don't sell it to me. I'll use my tenner to go Pierpoint gig tonight instead!


On 11th June 2004 at 19:02 Anonymous 2696 wrote...

I can't let such a lazy and inaccurate review go unchallenged. Firstly, it is a fact that the songs are not all one tempo and do not all follow the same Rock format. Did he listen to the two acoustic ballads or just skip them out of laziness? Justin Evans has produced an album of refreshingly powerful and lyrically intelligent songs, good enough for Radio 2XS, good enough for BCR, good enough for BBC 6 Music. Who really gives a damn what Leeds What Scene is that then? and their two readers think anyway?!


On 11th June 2004 at 19:13 Dave LMS wrote...

Firstly, I have a copy myself I haven't listened to yet, but will do so. Secondly, I don't think a lot of the stuff I hear on the radio is any good. And not everything I hear on the radio gets good reviews in the press. I really don't see the link you are trying to make between being played on radio and the fact this should equate to receiving a good review I'm afraid. It's a none argument in my opinion. As for the record in question, I will listen myself this weekend.


On 12th June 2004 at 10:19 Anonymous 1944 wrote...

Well Stella you seem to care what LMS thinks otherwise you wouldn't be crying.


On 14th June 2004 at 12:51 Anonymous 30 wrote...

Stella - as I always say when someone has an outburst, you are welcome to listen to all the other competing CD's that I receive and if you can still put your hand on heart and stick by your arguments then I'll listen. But for now I'm afraid I stand by my opinion.


On 3rd July 2004 at 17:34 Anonymous 2830 wrote...

Firstly - who the Jeepers is Bob Mould? But mainly - what are you on about man? You should give this album a second (& more) listen, as the catchiness of some these tunes definitely comes out more as you recognise them. The lyrics are intelligent & meaningful and the guitars act as a second voice to bring the songs well & truly to life. All self-made, this is pretty impressive in my view. I'm glad I took a chance after hearing 'Face Behind a Lie' on the radio. I'd possibly expect that review from Alf Garnett - are you any relation? My advice is to actually listen to the songs you review properly-or perhaps get one of your mates (if you have any) who knows what they're on about to give you a hand.


On 3rd July 2004 at 19:32 Anonymous 251 wrote...

How funny is that? So what you mean is that people should listen to records until they agree with your opinion? Why bother reading reviews if all you want to hear is people telling you music you like is good and music you dont is bad?
Nice playground insults too to go with your childish mentality. Not everyone in the world is going to agree with your opinion. In fact most people will disagree. Get over it !!


On 4th July 2004 at 22:18 Anonymous 2830 wrote...

Fair do's Mike_Q - but what's your opinion on the CD? - Or do you just go round looking at other people's comments to have a dig at? My opinion is that the music is very enjoyable - and I disagree with the review-although as you point out 'instantrick' is indeed entitled to his opinion. Playground insults - Yes-Love 'em, but I feel my mentality is mature & honourable! (Are you a teacher? I bet the kids hate you.)


On 4th July 2004 at 23:13 Anonymous 251 wrote...

I've not heard it, I read the review and it doesnt sound like my kinda thing.

I'm not a teacher. Are you a schoolboy? I bet the teachers hate you.


On 5th July 2004 at 09:40 Anonymous 30 wrote...

Alf Garnett? My god I never realised that my surname was the same as his...thanks for pointing that out Flame Boy, gosh I will be laughing at that for weeks. Don't know who Bob Mould is? Showing yourself up there aren't you? Or just showing your age...he was the solo aritst behind the band Sugar who were if I remember correctly signed to Creation records in the 90's. As I said before, if you would like to borrow the other CD's I have been sent to review in the past 3 years then you are more than welcome and I stand by my rating of this CD and if you want me to say it - "just doesn't cut it!". I would also like to point out that the reason it doesn't cut it is because I have listened to a lot of times and I can't remember one song off it now. That's how catchy it was. I shall say no more as I'm tired of explaining why a CD get's a bad review to the winging likes of you.


On 16th July 2004 at 18:40 Anonymous 2938 wrote...

i hate not to get involved in petty squabling, insults and general abuse, or reviews of reviews instead of the music, but, i actually liked the album. i did not notice any attempts to be political (unless i am dim) and so cannot agree with some of the earlier reviewers comments. i liked the analogue recording as it makes for a different more interesting sound from the usual stuff and some of the songs are simply brilliant, catchy and educated with wise and/or thought provoking lyrics (are they from experience - wife beating etc? - very rock and roll). in summary, i would recommend this album to anyone who wants to hear something a bit different and i challenge anyone with better critical analysis than me to lay down their thoughts. 5 stars overall.



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