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42 Miles In This Direction by Impure

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Reviewed on 14th June 2004.


42 Miles In This Direction

By Impure

This first stab from Impure is everything to be expected from ones so young and nothing more: ideas, attempted emulation, poor musicianship, ambition, and naivety. None of it a bad thing and the lessons learnt now will only contribute to better things in the future. Five songs all with similar outlooks and failings. The songs' content is playground inspired "I met a boy, he pissed me off and now I hate him" stuff, which no doubt has plenty of relevance to other 17-year-olds, but its lyrics by numbers style is painfully awkward for anyone else. Verdict: music room heroes will graduate given lots of time.



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On 16th June 2004 at 21:06 Anonymous 1279 wrote...

I think that's perhaps a slightly harsh piece, though I get what you're saying. Impure have some catchy songs. Yeah, I guess it shows that they're beginners, but from hearing their stuff (and I've only heard 2 tracks, may I add) it's rather impressive beginners stuff. So, yeah. Also, TRW is playing a gig with them at John Sowerby Theatre on 16th July, so get down there and see if you change your minds. [/plug]



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