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Nice to Have a History by Last Night's TV

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Reviewed on 25th June 2004.


Nice to Have a History

By Last Night's TV

Spencer Bayles and company have taken a big leap forward with this richly-produced single. Main song "Nice to Have a History" has a haunting tune and a warmer range of sounds than the customary Last Night's TV signature. Spencer's voice is light and breathy, but it has a much more confident close-up feel on this recording. Sarah Jones, Natalie Long and Tim Hann all pitch in with vocal support and Sarah plays a sweetly mournful violin line that lights up the song when it comes in. It's a song about the fragility of communication and the delicate relationship between art and experience. As each step in the story is taken, a little more is added to the arrangement, and a rising sense of optimism steadily takes over. It's a very satisfying and complete song, easily the most "professional" thing I've heard from them. If that isn't too clinical a word for a very organic and human group like Last Night's TV.

"Two Views" is a pushier sort of thing, with percussion and a brisker tempo. The arrangement is just as elegant and carefully layered. Like third track "Angel on You Shoulder" it has the additional edge of some careful solo electric guitar from Owen Marriott. It's a very convincing package that confirms Last Night's TV as a fully paid up member of the Leeds pop aristocracy.



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On 25th June 2004 at 11:57 Anonymous 1944 wrote...

Bloody hell Sam you're giving out a lot of recommended" gold stars this week


On 25th June 2004 at 13:27 Anonymous 13 wrote...

let's hope it continues! (sadly, I suspect it might not ...)



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