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Party Favours by The Prime Movers

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Reviewed on 5th October 2004.


Party Favours

By The Prime Movers

This EP seems from what I can gather to be arty indie funksters The Prime Movers' debut, and from that angle I suppose it ain't half bad.

Three tracks all with a similar structure; grubby endless bassline, skatty guitar rifts and heaps and heaps of good old fashion funk. "Private war" is the best by a distance, far more disorganised and entertaining, the bassline really drilling through the centre of the vocals. This would be the soundtrack to you sitting chilling in Fab or Bar Norman on a cold Saturday afternoon, but is "background musac band" what these guys are after? I doubt it.

The let down, one which is a reality and I am sure they are aware of is the quality of this recording. Mostly the lyrics are indistinguishable and the dirty bassline which backbones most of the songs just seems a bit lame in places. Coupled with a very weak kit and the horrendous sounding vocals this is not pleasurable listening. I would desperately like to see this guys live to distinguish my view from perhaps what will be a different reality.

In the meantime though check them out if indie funk is your bag. For a debut it just about cuts it, but I believe the heart has overruled the head and urgency to get some material out has overruled patience to do it with style.



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On 6th October 2004 at 09:33 Anonymous 30 wrote...

"Skatty Guitar" that's disgusting - I just hope they cleaned it off afterwards.


On 13th December 2004 at 16:26 Anonymous 3638 wrote...

Sandman also reviewed the demo;

For copyright reasons, please don't copy articles from elsewhere - everyone else, please see Sandman for the original copy of the review - LMS editor

Not that we are bitter or anything, just shows a different slant.



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