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What did we do last night? by Spitfire Charlie

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Reviewed on 19th February 2005.


What did we do last night?

By Spitfire Charlie

For some reason after hearing the name Spitfire Charlie bounded about I'd started picturing a bunch of Oasis-soundalikes in Parkas. How wrong I was! The title track that kicks off this EP comes across all Television, with its itchy but intricate guitars sounding like they are chasing the Zutons-cum-Plant vocals round the studio. The second track "It happens every day" is more Libertines-esq, with its shambolic rattling shanty style it wins you over and then ends before it gets annoying, which tempts me back to listen again until it is annoying. Which is good, I guess.

"Walking thru the city" is more your standard plod along rock riff, and I'm not a big fan to be honest, though the lyrical discourse is the strongest of the EP (depicting some kind of late night adventures), it just doesn't buzz like the first two offerings. EP closer "Am I right or am I wrong" leads me to guess what the question is about; if the question is "Does this song sound a lot like Led Zeppelin? Am I right or am I wrong" then the answer is "You're not wrong... it's still good."

This is a strong EP, the first two tracks are a little diluted by the following two, but the song-writing is confident enough to take the band's efforts away from the potholes of horizontal rock-clichés. It's a slightly raucous production which leaves it slightly underwhelming for me but that's a personal preference; whereas others would like it as a raw and edgy recording I like the polished side of the coin.



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On 19th February 2005 at 11:35 Anonymous 3071 wrote...

woo hoo! a decent review finally. its about time


On 19th February 2005 at 11:59 Anonymous 2539 wrote...

the other reviews are very positive too I'd say. unless you're talking about this particular ep.


On 19th February 2005 at 13:18 Anonymous 3071 wrote...

was talking about this particular ep. got it spot on in the review i reckon


On 21st February 2005 at 22:07 Anonymous 3722 wrote...

no mention of the amazing Mr. Handysides?


On 22nd February 2005 at 16:57 Anonymous 3071 wrote...

thats cos its me playing the drums on this cd! ben's stuff wasnt quite up to standard, so i re-did it.
(only kidding)



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