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Just Let Me Talk To her by Whole Sky Monitor

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Reviewed on 24th February 2005.


Just Let Me Talk To her

By Whole Sky Monitor

Whole Sky Monitor's biog describes them as "Northern existential kitchen sink dramatists" but as no-one has any idea (or cares) what that means, time to try listening to the music. At times sounding like a lo-fi Manic Street Preachers with the vocals of those other welsh rockers The 60ft Dolls, this is an album of familiar sounding Indie. Eleven (well 10) tracks that occasionally throw out a gem or two but it's really only for the persistent listener.

In general the catchy-ometer is rarely troubled and the one-paced song style and lack of variation in sound is sure to leave the casual listener cold. At times it's hard work, especially combined with the flat formulaic 2 stroke method John Parkes uses for delivering his vocals: (1) The reading back of a statement or (2) the shouted statement.

Despite this, WSM show regular glimpses of talent and touch with songs like the superb "Be Beautiful" or the Doves-esque pounding of "Basic Rock Song". The transition of any band from EP to LP can be a tricky one and keeping the quality going through out in this case proves one step too much.



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