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Red Demo by Vatican Jet

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Reviewed on 18th March 2005.


Red Demo

By Vatican Jet

Starting off with an almost Blue Oyster Cult guitar line that slowly cheers up this is a bouncy little tune that will try make you skip round the room like an annoying yet endearing young niece. The vocalist has a rather splendid voice indeed and that's always going to make the rest of the band's job a little easier. The guitar line borders on annoying but you'll struggle to shake it from your head for a while.

Syncopated guitar is the main course in 'Honey' that contrasts nicely to the opening track. The song rattles along most pleasantly and whilst not being earth shattering I get the impression from these two tracks that the band could be certainly one to catch in the live arena.



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On 24th March 2005 at 12:47 Anonymous 2924 wrote...

I would have given it at least a four, if not a four and half. In fact probably a five. Cos it fucking rocks.



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Vatican Jet

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