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Do you love yourself? by The Glitterati

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Reviewed on 18th November 2003.


Do you love yourself?

By The Glitterati

Poptones is steadily building up a healthy roster of artists with a fair range of diversity. From Martin Carr's Brave Captain to Cosmic Rough Riders via The Bellrays. Alan McGee has always loved his rock and roll though so it's no surprise that he was attracted to having The Glitterati release their debut single on his label. The understated opening of "Do You Love Yourself" soon bursts into a venomous pitbull of raw rock energy, straining at the leash to attack you. Vocalist Paul Gautrey shines through, with a voice that offers control and emotion as well as it handles the way Gautrey seems intent on ripping out his vocal chords as he spits out the chorus. The dynamic rise and fall is majestic and the backing vocals that answer back the main vocal line proffer up thoughts of many a great 80's rock tune. "Heartbreaker" twins nicely with the first track to give us more of the Glitterati's classic rock sound with a modern edge, that elevates beyond "the another rather average NME endorsed band" status. Both tracks are infectious, raucous and downright sleazy. I defy you to keep your air guitar in its case! Coming along at just the right time, with the rock revival in full swing, The Glitterati may just clamber over everyone's coattails and trample over their heads.



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On 20th November 2003 at 14:55 Anonymous 255 wrote...

I bought this CD yesterday... it's ok but I think the 5 star review is very generous! 'Do you love yourself?' is the better of the two but in my opinion neither track delivers the 'snap' I would expect from this band after seeing them live at J's Well earlier this year!
I am puzzled by the comment that "Both tracks are infectious"... but maybe I am immune to such infections?


On 20th November 2003 at 20:47 Dave LMS wrote...

I'd give it four stars ****


On 21st November 2003 at 09:12 Anonymous 255 wrote...

ok I was wrong... listened again last night and I changed my mind because 'do you love yourself' is very infectious and a great single!!! Still not sure about 'Heartbreaker' though!



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