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Slave EP by Sawthroat

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Reviewed on 2nd December 2003.


Slave EP

By Sawthroat

This is a very smart live recording. It's raw, punchy and pretty effective.

Sawthroat don't do complicated stuff. They play guitar, bass, drums and they sing. They do straightforward guitar band music in the mainstream tradition of local metal-ish guitar bands and they do it pretty well.

As a live recording (one take in a studio?) it's fresh and exciting. It has faults in things that bug me like the singer's pitch, but the massive advantage is that there are none of the bogstandard effects or noodlings that studios shamelessly allow bands to inflict on themselves. If you're one of the Sawthroat posse you're going to love this. You've already got it? Fine. I'll carry on anyway.

"16 Lives" starts well, with a hypnotic guitar riff in a great opening sequence, but it slides a bit as a not very convincing song comes gradually unstitched.

"Hey Joel" has Karl missing the "L" off the end of the title every time he sings it. So, it's "Hey Joe" but not a bit like the Tim Rose song that Hendrix covered. Lots of riffage but not a lot of song.

"Boots" also suffers from not being a well-written thing. More of a mood thrashed through with band and Karl packing as many words in as possible. A lowish point in the living room with the CD player in the background. A high point in a live gig.

Title track "Slave" starts on a hesitant chord sequence that makes the rest of the song difficult to retrieve. The singing is less steady on this one and the shouted chorus "love me, love me ... love me, love me" is a bit lame, making the response line "ain't gonna be your slave" totally unconvincing. The forced chorus repeats at the very end sound distressingly like difficulties with Ralph and Huey.

"Poet's Tale" is dark and moody and very possibly the best thing on the CD. There's really well controlled feedback and attack-mode guitars, with quiet and loud passages in just the right sequence.



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On 3rd December 2003 at 22:54 Anonymous 146 wrote...

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On 3rd December 2003 at 23:40 Anonymous 1287 wrote...

aww dont be so sad fella the whole world knows that Slave is the best E.P of the year!

Im confused how the reviewer said "This is a very smart live recording. It's raw, punchy and pretty effective." then just basically said loadsa down points on the E.P well...pretty muchThis message was last edited on 04/12/03 2.07:36


On 4th December 2003 at 14:53 Anonymous 13 wrote...

I was trying to make the point that the recording quality and the playing was good but the material wasn't so strong. A really good live band (I guess) who at this stage would be better on versions of other people's stuff than on their own material maybe?


On 4th December 2003 at 16:49 Anonymous 146 wrote...

bollocks, just wrote you a lengthy reply and it's lost it.... @:"&*^"


On 4th December 2003 at 17:23 Anonymous 1471 wrote...

ive got to dissagry with some of them points karl has said the songs or simple but there "straightforward" playing have you tryed playing woodys riffs. But whats they dont do complicated stuff? what else can you do... play a sheep? do some mixing like linkinpark.. its not there style. i think most of the review is influenced about your taste in music not there playing abilaty. i do agree sawthroat are alot better live theres musch more feel for the songs. and also that Poet's Tale is the best song on there.


On 5th December 2003 at 13:26 Anonymous 196 wrote...

HI thanks for reviewThis message was last edited on 16/12/03 13.46:30


On 5th December 2003 at 16:18 Anonymous 1295 wrote...

Isn't it pointless sending in for a review and then kicking off cos you get a bad one?

If all you want is to hear what you wish to hear, then your best mates might as well review the CD over a bottle of Kaliber in the local inn!

There are good points in the review, and some bad points, but nonetheless it isn't wripped to shreads.

And yes before the backlash I have seen Saw Throat one or three times and I think they are good at what they do live, never heard a recording.


On 5th December 2003 at 18:42 Anonymous 1475 wrote...

W.T.F...i think veiw not REview is the word here!..fare'enuff?...you don't like karls pitch /tone whatever..but there no doubt he can sing and has an emense range!..sure it maynot b your thing but shoulda' been mentioned!?!..as for "straightforward..simple"..sure we ain't making dream theater music..but we're certianly more complex than the "THE" band style of music!..a bit black n' white?
as ste sez we have had some ace feedback...got an n.m.e weekend gig at cavern in jan..goin' well in national b.o.t.b..london gigs..etc.people(not just our friends) keep tellin' us we're an ace band wi good music..and will go far..and thats what we belive..want..and are determind to do..we love our band and our music!...cover band?..I THINK NOT!
if anyone wants to see what were really about get in touch(through website) for a ticket for THE leeds(london)band gig!(fulc-cytylist-frowser-sawthroat)sat 10th jan.
cheers for reVIEW.x


On 5th December 2003 at 18:51 Anonymous 1471 wrote...

its not about getting the bad review i do agree he has made a few point but to me most of them are obviosly to do with his taste in music. if he was more constructive on there music playing ability not his taste.


On 5th December 2003 at 20:32 Anonymous 1473 wrote...

I got hold of the SawThroat CD through a couple of contacts as I remeber seeing them pay not so long ago somewhere in town, thought they were fantastic live.
I think that Sam has made a pretty fair review, if the band are planning on taking their music to a higher level they're gonna get reviews that suck more than this one.Though i think that Sam ought to have paid a bit more reverance to karl's voice... and a little more credit to the rest of the band. there's a whole lotta talent within the four of them and support is all they need. pitch perfect prissy recordings is all record companies are getting at the moment, they need something that they can work with/on. Sam, go see them pay live... you're in for a ride!



On 5th December 2003 at 21:05 Anonymous 319 wrote...

I have to agree with slamdunk on this one, what has been presented as a review is actually a severely tainted viewpoint, which is biased by the music tase of the reviewer


On 5th December 2003 at 22:11 Anonymous 146 wrote...

I'd like to mention the gig we have coming up... Jan 10th - "EQUALITY ROCK NIGHT"... 4 excellent live bands appearing: Fulc, Catylyst, Frowser (from London) and Sawthroat. This gig is taking place in MORLEY, at Ackroyd Street WMC. Tickets are 2.50 and can be bought either from our website or after the 15th Dec - Crash, Polar Bear (Headingley), Musicians Centre (Keighley), Kyro (Morley) subject to a small booking fee.. This will be a fantastic night, with 4 of the most exciting live bands around...
Thanks for the review sam - we've been writing quite a bit since the cd and our new stuff is a bit darker.. more along the poet's tale vibe... you should come to the equality night to check it out! haha!This message was last edited on 07/01/04 16.16:39


On 6th December 2003 at 15:57 Anonymous 272 wrote...



On 10th December 2003 at 20:38 Anonymous 1474 wrote...

if anyones interested!...weez got a couple a seats left on our coach for london gig...sat 20th dec!..for twenty quid!...you get coach...aftnoon in london...in to the gig at night..n back!..will b a mighty fine day!.....first come first serve!...get in touch via website!...ST.x


On 15th December 2003 at 21:29 Anonymous 1302 wrote...

hi its karl, the singer

just got back from america and read review!

cheerz for taking the time to write it

karl x


On 7th January 2004 at 16:08 Anonymous 146 wrote...

Now then people! Just a quick one to say GET YOURSELVES DOWN ON SATURDAY! (did you hear me?) Equality Rock Night - Fulc, Catylyst, Frowser and us! 2.50 - tickets in advance! Buy them at Crash on the Headrow!

* Or contact Mel 07775 930 654 / manager@sawthroat.co.uk *

*get on our website and check the details and even a map to show you how to get there! * thankyouplease!This message was last edited on 07/01/04 16.14:22


On 15th January 2004 at 12:31 Anonymous 1302 wrote...

oh oh its all exciting STfour are bouncing off there epic performance on the equality rock night with a low key gig at the snooty fox on saturday
check them out be early though they pulled a staggering 250 people to there last gig and the fox only holds around 50 comfortably.should be crammed

snooty fox

saturday 17th jan



On 20th January 2004 at 12:54 Anonymous 1302 wrote...

so sawthroat on radio 1 being described as 'the band to watch at the minute'on steve lamaq's show....who would of thought. o.k maybe we have never entirly been a part of the ''leeds scene'' but in the last week we have played two gigs to over five hundred people, are awaiting confirmation of our booking on 'the clarence festival', mentioned as the next big thing on steve lamaq's radio1 show, the panel of 'the wakefield music collective'(AGM) described our gig at the snooty fox as 'awsome' and said 'you totally blew us away'(those who were there)and have written three new songs. we are also progresing nicely through the national battle of the bands and are in the top three bands of 500 as far as points scored by the judges goes. we are recording a new heavier more exciting e.p and basically loving the fact things are finally coming together for us after six years. of yeah if ya want to check us out we are the vine wednesday the fenton saturday and the pack horse next tuesday!?! the shit iz good. not bad for a band with a vocalist who cant sing he he he only kidding? once again thanks for the review it was really useful!This message was last edited on 20/01/04 14.07:27



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